Activities on Maui

Activities on Maui

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Maui Bike Tours

If you’re looking for adventure like none other you want to check out Maui’s downhill biking. You can bike downhill on a tropical landscape and down the slopes of haleakala Volcano. You can reach the top of the 10,000+ foot summit for the impeccable sunrise view that is incomparable. This destination is perfect for all types of travelers!


Road to Hana

If you love the idea of a good and adventurous roadtrip with great sights you want to check out the Road to Hana. Along the way you can gaze upon luscious waterfalls, bamboo forests, hiking trails, lava tubes, sandy beaches, scenic sights, gardens and various historic type sites and much much more! You can peek into the way Hawaii once was by viewing the many historical aspects of this journey and gain a new outlook on the island. This is an experience like none other and you definitely want to take part in experiencing it!


Maui Photography

If you are a photography enthusiast Maui Hawaii is the island for you! You can snap unique shots ranging from family photographs, to lush scenery, gardens and beaches and so  much more as you experience life and what it has to offer on this beautiful island. Maui is a photography lover’s dream and well worth experiencing!


Maui Camping

Camping has many desirable aspects and not only the fact that it is a frugal activity for those on a budget. The art of camping can be quite enjoyable in the right locale. With all of the beauty that Maui possesses it makes it a prime destination for all types of campers looking to expand their camping horizons. Camping destinations in Maui range from the haleakala Volcano to Kanaha Beach Park and even to the remote shores of East Maui. Camp Maui X is your one stop destination for all of your premium camping gear. In Maui year around is the perfect time for camping!


Haleakala Volcano

The name of this world’s largest dormant volcano means “House of the Sun”. This volcano is a sight to truly see in Maui with its unique landscapes and beauty it is uniquely the home to more endangered species than any other U.S. National Park. There are various excellent activities that can be experienced here at this site including; mountain biking, sunrise viewing, zip lining, hiking, camping and more! The History of the Valley Isle is another noteworthy reason to visit this volcanic site.

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