About United States of America

About United States of America

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The United States of America is a place of stunning beauty and extraordinary diversity, ranging from the soaring skyscrapers of New York City, to Arizona’s dramatic mesas. Nothing can prepare for your first look at the iconic skyline of Manhattan, the fantastic expanse that is the Grand Canyon, or the ludicrous excess of neon-lit Las Vegas, these are just some of the many highlights this country has to offer.

A lifetime could easily be spent in the US, and you would feel that you’ve only scratched the surface. On every scale, the US is truly epic. This is a place where you can trek through the Black Hills of South Dakota, cruise the Pacific Coast in California, and take in the stunning spectacle of Niagara Falls. The options are endless as you can ski at Lake Tahoe, go to the Midwest and try your hand at cattle ranching, or immerse yourself in the live jazz scene of New Orleans.

Almost as spectacular as the natural landscapes are the manmade ones. Boasting some of the most impressive skyscrapers on the planet, New York City’s Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the Rockefeller Centre are just a few of the recognizable buildings in the skyline. Seattle, Chicago, LA and Vegas provide skylines that are no less recognizable.

Just as with the landscapes, the American people are equally diverse; from the gun-slinging wranglers of Texas, hardy Inuit of Alaska or the colorful Cubans southeast, the US is truly a melting pot of cultures. Thanks to generations of immigrants, the national identity has been shaped in the form of food, language, music and mannerisms.

Washington D.C, long viewed as the boring capital, has seen a recent resurgence boasting trendy bars, stylish boutiques, and a flourishing culinary scene – all welcome diversions from the theatre of current politics. If visiting in spring, enjoy the city as it turns pink with cherry blossom season – the long-lasting legacy of a peace offering sent by Japan.

Make sure not to miss the fantastic East Coast retreat of Cape Cod. When taking in the wonderful peninsula, it’s not difficult to picture the founding fathers, disembarking the Mayflower here, and choosing no better land to make their home. They sang “God bless America”, and God has indeed blessed her.

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