3 amazing things to see and do in Hokkaido, Japan

3 amazing things to see and do in Hokkaido, Japan

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This is Hokkaido’s hot spring resort. It is nestled on the island’s southwest edge area and considered one of the best sights in all of Japan! The resort is home to Shikotsu-Toya National Parkland very near to Sapporo. The tourism of both of these areas feed of  and complement each other. Medicinal Thermal water is readily available on the island which is a healing and soothing water hailed by the Japanese. As one of the smaller cities in Japan there is access to Japanese ryokan and inns and hotels for stay and leisure. This terrain is a hikers dream with areas perfect for a daytime hike! There are beautiful forests on the island and the island sits 656 feet above sea!


Rebun and Rishiri Islands-

This region is made up of fishing villages and home to the National Park, Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu. You can get tranquil and easy going by taking a scenic and pleasant hike through the forest areas and all hikes are fairly easy to navigate with easy trails. June-August is prime visiting time for this area. The beautiful and bright colored flowers are in full bloom at this time! This area is also home to a volcanoes, Mount Rishiri. A registered guide is needed for all tours through this area. Utoro is another interesting attraction in the region. This area is known for its fishing industry, professional trekking guides and even an amazing hot spring spa!


Cape Kamui-

This area is located and situated on Hokkaido’s Shakotan Peninsula. All who love and appreciate nature will surely love this area! This area is full of spectacular views that are unlike any other area you can find. There are beautiful trails and vistas of the sea of Japan to be experienced. An interesting fact to note about this area is that there used to be “Men Only” signs posted… What a different era we live in now. Culture has really changed in Japan! You can find unusual rock formations, beautiful skies and out of this world scenery. The crystal blue waters make this destination ideal for the surfing enthusiast chasing after the best waters and waves to ride. This location won’t disappoint. The lighthouse at the Peninsula’s tip is a main attraction in this area.

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