Nepal: Kathmandu

Nepal: Kathmandu

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This land is considered a jewel and a treasure for backpackers and travelers alike. A land that is filled with mountains and monasteries Kathmandu is an enthralling city filled with stupas, hidden courtyards, alleyways, civil squares and even Medieval temples. Kathmandu is protected by a mountain wall.

During its heyday the architecture was spectacular and brilliant and quite a sight to see. Pagoda temples and red brick palaces with carved timbers and golden stupas were ever present in the city.

Now that the civil war in the region has ended this region is filled with students, hippies and trekkers looking for an adventurous time in the high mountain passes.

This city is so diverse and eclectic that you can find old temples and statue filled courtyards right next door to Internet cafes and all types of restaurants! Talk about contrast! These aspects are what makes this city so inviting and intriguing.

The city has been listed  as a UNESCO World Heritage site and at the center of the city lies a museum of Hindu and Buddhist art. Nepal is filled with Buddhist art, temples, palaces, shrines and more and almost all of the Buddhist variety. The “Monkey Temple” and the stupa at Boudhanath are amongst some of the many religious sites in Nepal.

Old Town is where travelers congregate and venture out from when they first arrive in the city. This area goes from Durbar Square to Thamel. You can navigate Nepal in many ways either on foot or by renting a bike or motorcycle. If you are looking for a fine hotel with luxury you are going to want to visit the area of the suburbs of this city to find the finest in hotel accommodations and offerings and to find the best views of the mountains and also views of the ancient Buddhist stupas.

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