Thailand: Chiang Mai

Thailand: Chiang Mai

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Fittingly this region is called the “Rose of the North”. From glittering temples to lively markets you won’t want to miss a minute of everything this destination has to offer the traveler. The culture and tradition of this city is astounding and beyond comparison. The original capital of the northern Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai has grown tremendously since its medieval days and the backstreets of this area are a part of what brings the culture and tradition to Chiang Mai.

The laid back way of life and slower pace is a main draw and enticing point for college students and all travelers alike. This is a friendly and hospitable city with a laid back atmosphere to accent a positive and vibrant way of life.

Handcrafted cappuccinos are in abundance and it is not unusual to start a chat with a Buddhist Monk before dancing to Live music by the river.

This an affordable place to visit with many activities that fit even the slightest budget. You can pick up a souvenir at a market, learn to cook at a country retreat and so much more.

The scenery of this area is truly unique with many varied activities to fit every travelers interests. You can take an adventurous trek on the Thailand Hills or even go mountain biking or white water rafting. Rock Climbing expeditions are also common in the region.

If you’re looking for a vibrant cultural perspective or looking for a relaxed and laid back getaway, Chiang Mai is a city like none other and a thrill to experience!

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